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Founder’s Vision for Smart Turn: Navigating Logistics and Innovation

Smart Turn emerged from the inspiration drawn by Chairman Xi’s national strategy to revive the “Old Silk Road” and the ASEAN collaborative alliance known as the “Belt and Road” in 2014. Leveraging my two decades of business experience in Southeast Asia, we established a robust logistics network spanning seven countries in 2015 and 2016.

Our collaboration with SF Express allowed us to explore opportunities in Indonesia and act as agents in other South Asian markets. Achieving a monthly courier tonnage exceeding 10 tons, we pioneered cross-border logistics by efficiently moving parcels from China through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand via land-haul leverage with Sinotrans.

In 2017, Smart Turn received an honor—the Entrepreneurship Competition award from The Chinese University of Hong Kong—acknowledging our rapid growth and innovative approach.

By adhering to China’s national strategy, we recognize that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) must embrace innovation, foresight, and creativity to thrive in competitive markets. In 2018, we completed phase 1 of our corporate development.

Subsequently, we adapted to environmental regulations that led to the expulsion of many plastic recycling manufacturers from China to ASEAN countries. This shift prompted our second phase: supply chain management in the recycled resin market. Our one-stop-shop solution ensures risk-free and efficient logistics operations for plastics importers in China.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, Smart Turn persevered. As we move into 2023, our journey continues, guided by the rhythm of progress.

Kenneth Chow, Founder of Smart Turn

Our Journey


Smart Turn International (Asia) Logistics Co., Ltd was established 

Leveraged on YJ Prosperity Express Ltd to provide a cross-border hub and transportation for China-Vietnam traffic. 

Entered into a partnership agreement with SF Express Pte Ltd

to provide import and last-mile delivery in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


Opened up China-Vietnam-Cambodia land-haul routing and achieved first 100 tons garment express cargo leverage on SF Vietnam air connect service Hanoi-HCMC.

Established full focus on Belt and Road land-haul solution.

Expanded Yangjiang hub facility to 30000 sq feet to handle over 50k parcels daily


Being awarded at The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Entrepreneurship Competition 2017. 


Started environmental logistic business - established an ASEAN network to handle recycling plastic material traffic to provide one-stop-shop supply chain solutions to plastics importers in China


Achieved the first USD 10M revenue on the recycling business


Operated under COVID-19 for clients with business continuity


Hong Kong SAR Government logistics approved supplier 

CoFound member of Logizall Global Logistics Alliance and launched project logistics in Thailand.


Our Footprints

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Media coverage
- CUHK Alumni 2017 Jun

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